• Fulbright ETA Monthly Highlights Edition

    New Friends

    This month ETA Darby Jones had the pleasure of meeting, getting to know, and playing games with students at a local junior high school in Sangatta. Once classes finished for the semester at SMAN 2 Sangatta Utara (her placement site), Darby accepted an invitation from SMPN 2 Sangatta Selatan to spend the morning with about.. Read More..

    Pen Friends from America

    Throughout the month of December, almost one hundred 10th grade students from SMAN 1 Temanggung had hand-written letters in the air in route to the US. In partnership with Fargo Davies High School in Fargo, North Dakota, ETA Allison Cwikla coordinated a new pen pal program called Pen Friends from America. Allison presented about Fargo.. Read More..

    A Taste of America

    This December, ETA Elizabeth “Liz” Wallace enjoyed wrapping up her extracurricular clubs. During this past semester, Liz has spent every Wednesday afternoon with her faithful English Club. For their final meeting, Liz had the students vote on what American foods they would like to cook together. The students chose pancakes with maple syrup, grilled cheese.. Read More..

    Making our Mark for Emotional Health

    On December 21, the students of MAN2 unveiled a new exhibit to the school aptly name “Sparkzone.” “Sparkzone” is a series of art projects or thoughtful public media that will be scattered around the school grounds that encourage strong culture for emotional health. The inaugural piece (pictured) was thought up by the school’s counseling group.. Read More..

    Teachers Retreat

    At the beginning of this month, ETA Amanda Cahn joined her fellow teachers in a retreat to celebrate the approaching end of the semester. The teachers split up into cars and motorcycles and drove one hour out into the forest, until they reached the location where they spent the night. They cooked and ate dinner.. Read More..

    A Merry English Club Meeting

    On Friday, December 21, ETA Brian Miner hosted members of the community English club at his guest house to talk about, share, and celebrate the holiday season. The club talked about the meaning of holidays and a few of the various traditions to celebrate the new year around the world. Afterwards, Brian shared some fun.. Read More..

    Christmas Celebration with School Community

    ETA Anna Misenti returned to site after a quick vacation during student exams in time for a festive week of celebrating Christmas with her school community. While Padangsidimpuan is predominantly Muslim (approximately 90-95 percent), it is tradition for the small Christian community at SMAN1 to organize an annual event for the Christian students, teachers and.. Read More..

    Don’t Forget to Smile

    Throughout December as SMAN 1 Demak’s semester came to a close, ETA Sarah Wozniak helped several students and teachers prepare scholarship applications and interviews. Over the course of the past few weeks, Ibu Yulia Mufarichah, Bapak Baihaqi Aditya, and 10th, 11th, and 12th grade students prepared scholarship essays and interview questions. They discussed the potential.. Read More..

    Holiday Smart Program English Immersion

    On December 29, ETA Sabrina Verleysen from MAN Demak, was invited to be the guest speaker at the 2018 Holiday Smart Program English Immersion Program. This four-day complete English immersion program is held annually at Madrasah Manahijul Huda Ngaget Pati, in a small village outside of Pati. Sixty students pledge to only speak English for.. Read More..

    Turn Left, Turn Right, Candy!

    For ETA Gordon “Peter” Bensen, December was a month of relaxation and rejuvenation. His students at MAN 1 Kota Payakumbuh took exams, while Peter got work done at home, and had a wonderful visit with his family who came all the way to Payakumbuh! Although school was not in session, Peter still got to run.. Read More..


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