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    • Welcome to AMINEF

      The American Indonesian Exchange Foundation (AMINEF), established in 1992, is the binational, nonprofit foundation that administers the Fulbright Program. Read More

    • Deadline Alert: Fulbright DAI – March 1, 2018

      Fulbright DAI offers an opportunity for Indonesian Primary and Secondary-level educators for a professional development.
      Find out more and apply before March 1, 2018.

      Fulbright DAI hi-res per Feb 13
    • Fulbright Specialist – Deadline Aplikasi Bagi Institusi Indonesia – 1 Mei 2018

      Bagi institusi Indonesia yang ingin mendatangkan seorang ahli dari AS, masih ada kesempatan untuk menyerahkan aplikasi yaitu sebelum 1 Mei, 2018.

      Keterangan lengkap terdapat di leaflet dan website.

      Aminef 23
    • What did Fulbright ETAs do during the last month of 2017?

      See Latest Edition of Fulbright ETA Monthly Highlights.

      latest edition fulbright eta
    • Fulbright Research Presentation – Dr Henrikus – Feb 22, 2018

      Universitas Negeri Semarang will hold a Fulbright Research Presentation to hear Dr Henrikus’ presentation on ‘East Meets West: Spontaneity in Beat Poetry as Buddha-Dharma and Visions of Spiritual Ecology.

      This is a public event and there is no admission fee. Register now.

      Hendrik 22 feb
    • 25/65 Anniversaries News

      In celebration of 25th anniversary of AMINEF and 65th anniversary of Fulbright in Indonesia, our video takes you on a journey highlighting 65 years of Fulbright in Indonesia through the voices of its alumni, both American and Indonesian, representing the diversity of Fulbright programs and across different generations.

      The first screening of this video was at 25/65 anniversaries gala dinner, held on November 15, 2017 in Jakarta.

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    • 25/65 Anniversaries News

      AMINEF is delighted to present digital version of the series of publications commemorating the 25th anniversary of AMINEF and the 65th anniversary of Fulbright in Indonesia. Two volumes in English and Indonesian are available now. The third volume is in progress and will be added once completed.  We hope you enjoy reading the books.

      AMINEF Fulbright Anniversaries Publications 2
    • Stand for Fulbright – Oppose a 47% Funding Cut in 2018

      Dear US Fulbright Alumni,

      AMINEF is helping to spread the word to US Fulbrighters to Indonesia about an existential threat to the Fulbright Program: The Administration has submitted a budget that would result in a 47% cut to the Fulbright Program for Fiscal Year 2018.

      The Fulbright Association, the official US alumni organization for the Fulbright Program, has started the #Stand for Fulbright campaign.

      To participate, just click on http://cqrcengage.com/fulbright/home?0.

      Please share this link with others, whether Fulbright alumni or like-minded friends. (The petition and letters are meant for US citizens only, however.)

      Together we #StandforFulbright






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