Grantee Stories

22 Apr 2020

How This Penn Physician Cares for Her Health While Treating COVID-19 Patients

When she’s not tending to patients at Pennsylvania Hospital, Serena Dasani decompresses with virtual workouts and cooking. by LAURA BRZYSKI Serena Dasani is a resident physician at Pennsylvania Hospital, treating COVID-19 patients. / Photograph courtesy of Serena Dasani. Welcome to Sweat Diaries, Be Well Philly’s look at the time, energy, and money people invest in pursuit.. Read More..

21 Apr 2020

“Our Eyes in the Forest”

The critically endangered tigers of Southeast Asia – Sumatran tigers (Panthera tigris sumatrae) and Malayan tigers (Panthera tigris jacksoni) – are the least studied of the remaining five tiger subspecies. Knowledge of Sumatran tiger ecology pales in comparison to the comprehensive data collected from long-term field studies of Bengal tigers (Panthera tigris tigris) in India.. Read More..

13 Apr 2020

Fulbright DAI Participant Yuli Yani Understands Technology’s Role in The Global Classroom

For Yuli Yani, an English teacher at a vocational high school in Indonesia, learning about new computer apps in a Syracuse area middle school class has reinforced the importance of digital literacy as well as having a command of the English language. In her field placement at Jamesville-DeWitt Middle School, Yani has observed how easily.. Read More..

15 Mar 2020

CCI Alumni Updates – February 2020

Catch up with CCI alumni’s latest activities post their fellowship. Stories below.

CCI Alumna Volunteers at EducationUSA Fair in Indonesia

On February 11, CCI alumna Reni “Retha” Boediarti (Indonesia, Scottsdale Community College, Media, 2017-18) volunteered at an EducationUSA U.S. Higher Education Fair in Surabaya, Indonesia. Read More..

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