Grantee Stories

16 Feb 2021

Mengintip Hidup Pangeran di Balik Tembok Keraton, Lewat Sosok KPH Notonegoro

“Mana ada pesta-pesta, berkuda, minum teh, enggak ada itu. Saya ini kerja, kerja, kerja,” ujar Kanjeng Noto, sapaan akrab Kanjeng Pangeran Haryo Notonegoro, disambung tawa lepas. Ia adalah suami GKR Hayu, anak ke-4 Sri Sultan Hamengkubuwono X. Read More..

08 Feb 2021

Resilient Wellness: How One Vanderbilt Student Made Public Health Personal During a Pandemic

Ni Ketut Wilmayani had been in the U.S. just nine months before COVID-19 hit the country in early March. The second-year MPH student, who goes by Wilma, grew up in Bali, Indonesia, and earned her MD before travelling 10,000 miles across the Pacific to earn her public health degree at Vanderbilt University through a Fulbright scholarship. Read More..

15 Jan 2021

Spartan Alumni Follow Thousands of Paths

If 2020 taught us anything, it was to seize every opportunity. Often, it is the tailwind of a challenging year that pushes us in a new direction and reveals who we are meant to be. These rare moments can offer clarity, and if we are willing, we can travel a new path. Read More..

13 Jan 2021

Living the Fulbright Experience

“Please help us change the world,” a cashier at a retailer in downtown Chicago said, gleefully, after he noticed the writing printed on my bag. When I was on a plane en route to St. Louis, Missouri, a passenger who was seated next to me, a teacher from Nebraska. Read more..

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