• Grantee Stories

    03 May 2017

    US Fulbright ETA, Katarina Krueger reports about her Community Engagement Project

    Two different 11th grade classes participated in a letter exchange at SMAN 1 Bringin, 11 BHS and 11 Science 3. Read more…

    31 Jan 2017

    US Fulbright Scholar Gave Lectures on Indonesian Music in Taiwan

    Dr. Jui-Ching Wang successfully gave two lectures on Indonesian music and performing arts to young musicology scholars and music educators at Taiwan Normal University and National Taiwan University (NTU) on December 8 and 14, 2016, respectively. Read more…

    10 Jan 2017

    Things I Wish to Know Before Doing a Post-degree Academic Training (PAT)

    If you are wondering whether you want to extend your training after Fulbright Scholarship and how to get the position,

    Read more…

    30 Aug 2016

    Perjalanan Panjang Rudi Hartono Meraih Beasiswa Fulbright

    Berikut ini adalah cerita dari Rudi Hartono, peraih program beasiswa Fulbright dengan mengambil konsentrasi  MA TESOL di Indiana University of Pennsylvania, USA. Read more…

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