• RTP Activities

    Jul 2019

    Art Lecture and Collaboration in Kamiyama Japan by Professor Liz Roth, US Fulbright Scholar in China

    Prof. Liz Roth was invited by Kamiyama Artist in Residence (KAIR) to present a lecture about her award-winning landscape paintings, prints and installations. Her lecture was held in Kamiyama Kaizen Center. Roth was a 2003 KAIR artist, and she explained how her current works are strongly influenced by the time she spent as an artist.. Read More..

    Jul 2019

    US Fulbright Scholar in Thailand, Dr. Pholaphat Charles Inboriboon visit and discussion at the Mongolian National University of Medical Sciences

    I visited Mongolian National University of Medical Sciences (MNUMS) through the Fulbright Regional Travel Program and an invitation by the MNUMS leadership and Dr. Ganbold Lundeg, Head of Critical Care, Anesthesia, and Emergency Medicine (EM). I was fortunate to work fellow medical educators as they prepared to open the new MNUMS teaching hospital built in.. Read More..

    May 2019

    Lecture on Digital Conservation of Cultural Heritage at Tongji University, China by US Fulbright Scholar in Indonesia Antonius Wiriadjaja

    The innovative team of Cultural Landscape Heritage Conservation (CAUP) at Tongji University in Shanghai, China invited US Fulbright Scholar Antonius ‘Oki’ Wiriadjaja as the main speaker for a symposium on the digital conservation of cultural heritage on May 29, 2019. During his lecture, “When Legacy Meets Technology: Collecting and Representing the Heritage of Central Java.. Read More..

    May 2019

    Drew Ippoliti, US Fulbright Scholar in South Korea led a 3-day workshop in Bangkok on how to generate ideas hosted by Thai Universities and Studio Make

    Rangsit University College of Design in conjunction with Studio Make: Bangkok, hosted US Fulbright Senior Scholar Drew Ippoliti for a workshop to discuss the root of where ideas come from. The workshop focused on quickly generating new ways of thinking through external stimuli, repetition and non-sequitur connections. Students worked in teams to discuss idea-mapping, design.. Read More..

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