• RTP Activities

    Apr 2019

    Fulbright U.S. Scholar to Indonesia, Dr. Christopher Silver’s discussions in Cambodia on rapid urbanization and future academic collaborations

      With support for the Center for Khmer Studies, Phnom Penh, Cambodia, Dr. Christopher Silver presented a public lecture at Documentation Center of Cambodia on April 9, 2019.  He discussed Rapid Urbanization:  The Challenges and Opportunities for Planning in Asian Cities and linked many of the urban-based approaches to Smart Cities in Indonesia to emerging.. Read More..

    Apr 2019

    Dr. Christopher Silver, Fulbright U.S. Scholar to Indonesia delivered a public lecture at the University of New South Wales

    Dr. Christopher Silver, Fulbright Senior Scholar in the University of Indonesia’s Department of Architecture, presented a lecture at the University of New South Wales entitled, “Rapid Urbanization:  The Challenges and Opportunities for Planning in Indonesian Cities.” The lecture was organized at UNSW under their Grand Challenge project focusing on rapid urbanization in the global context… Read More..

    Mar 2019

    US Fulbright Scholar Peter Zazzali in New Zealand led workshops and held discussions on actor training in Singapore

    US Fulbright Scholar Dr. Peter Zazzali spent 4 April to 7 April visiting Singapore’s LASALLE College of the Arts, one of the leading institutions of its kind in Asia. The goal of the visit was to learn about LASALLE’s bicultural approach to training actors. Dr. Zazzali led workshops with two groups focusing on western pedagogies.. Read More..

    Mar 2019

    Fulbright U.S. Scholar to Myanmar, Dr. Jaeil Lee’s public lectures and workshop in Cambodia

    Thanks to the U.S. Embassy in Phenom Penh for setting up my visit and to all the participating universities and organizations. My program topic on entrepreneurship with a focus on the textile and apparel industry in Cambodia was timely considering the current situation in the Cambodian fashion industry as they struggle to advance their industry.. Read More..

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