• RTP Activities

    May 2019

    US Fulbright Scholar William Barratt in Malaysia was a Keynote Speaker at an International Conference in Mongolia

    Fulbright Scholar Dr. William Barratt recently returned from his trip to Ulaanbaatar upon the invitation from the Mongolian University of Education. The Fulbright Scholar gave a keynote speech at the university’s international conference, “The Efficiency and Effectiveness of Educational Services.” His paper on learning and teaching in the digital age was warmly welcomed by the.. Read More..

    May 2019

    US Fulbright Scholar in South Korea David Oh Delivered Lectures on Critical Media at the National University, Jakarta Indonesia

    Earlier in May, Fulbright Scholar Dr. David Oh visited National University in Jakarta. Dr. Oh, who is currently finishing his Fulbright Scholar program in South Korea, gave multiple lectures on critical media studies as a field of study. Besides giving lectures, Dr. Oh also participated in an international conference and visited several media outlets. “The.. Read More..

    Apr 2019

    Dr. Sue Ann Lee, Fulbright U.S. Scholar to Vietnam gave lectures in Indonesia on the English language sound systems.

    English is a very challenging language to the second language learners, in part, due to the complexity of vowel system in English. It is commonly observed that a number of Asian students have difficulty in producing English vowels. In the regional lecture program, I visited Indonesia to learn about types of English production errors produced.. Read More..

    Apr 2019

    Fulbright U.S. Scholar to New Zealand, Dustin Ballard gave a talk and visited leading medical researchers in Australia.

    Fulbright Scholar Dr. Dustin Ballard toured Eastern Australia in April, visiting leading international medical researchers in Brisbane, Sydney, and Melbourne.  Dr. Ballard met with Dr. Westbrook of the Australian Institute of Health Innovation and spoke at Children’s Health Research Center and Royal Children’s Hospital on the topic of using the electronic health record to achieve.. Read More..

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