• RTP Activities

    Nov 2018

    Fulbright Scholar Dr. Richard Vogel to Thailand delivered a presentation to local Myanmar NGO who advocates women’s education and rights

    Academia often stresses professional development.  There are times when teaching transcends a job and becomes a moment of meaningful communication.  Such was the case in my presentation to the Ta’Ang Women’s Organization (TWO) of Lashio, Myanmar in November 2018. The TWO works to educate young women on how to go back to their hometowns in.. Read More..

    Nov 2018

    US Fulbright Senior Scholar in Taiwan, Latoya Kamdang delivered a lecture at South Korea

    As a US Fulbright Senior Scholar at National Taiwan University, I have interest in understanding urbanization patterns in Southeast Asia. How and why cities evolve and who is impacted by this evolution is what I hope to learn. In Taipei, I am in the process of exploring informal settlements and indigenous architecture. Settlements typically form.. Read More..

    Apr 2018

    A Rewarding and Enriching Trip to Australia for Fulbright Scholar Prof. Margaret Lewis

    Prof. Lewis’ trip to Australia recently as part of the Fulbright East Asian Pacific Regional Travel Program (RTP) provided her with a fantastic opportunity to both deepen and broaden her ties with the rich network of Australian academics engaged in studying China and, in particular, law. It also was a chance for Australian professors and.. Read More..

    Mar 2018

    Fulbright Scholar Prof. Margaret Lewis Shares about Taiwan’s Criminal Justice Reforms in Recent Trip to Hong Kong

    Fulbright Scholar in Taiwan, Prof. Margaret Lewis visited Hong Kong in March 2018 as part of Fulbright’s Regional Travel Program (RTP). Prof. Lewis was grateful to the Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK) and the Universities Service Centre for China Studies for hosting her visit where she was given the opportunity to share her experience.. Read More..

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