• RTP Activities

    Dec 2018

    Fulbright ASEAN Research Scholar in Philippine, Prof. David J. Lohman’s visit to South China Agricultural University

    In the beginning of December 2018, Fulbright ASEAN Research Scholar David J. Lohman, an Assistant Professor of Biology at the City College of New York currently working at the National Museum of Natural History, Manila, Philippines, had the opportunity to visit Dr. Houshuai Wang and Prof. Min Wang at South China Agricultural University. Prof. Lohman.. Read More..

    Dec 2018

    Fulbright Scholar Professor Seong-Hoon Cho’s inception meeting regarding research on upper Sekampung watersheds area in Indonesia

    The agricultural production activity affected land use change and water quality and quantity in upper Sekampung watersheds, Indonesia. Initial collaborative efforts through my visit helped to establish a potential research team who can create a better management system for the area. I sincerely hope this kickoff meeting will be a great starting point for the.. Read More..

    Nov 2018

    Fulbright Scholar to Hong Kong Dr. Mitchell Sutter’s visit to two universities in Shanghai and Hangzhou

    On November 2018, I visited the Chinese Academy of Science Institute for Neuroscience (ION) in Shanghai and Zheijiang University Interdisciplinary Institute of Neuroscience & Technology (ZIINT) in Hangzhou.  The purpose was to advance knowledge about sensory processing and the interaction of sensory processing with attention and decisions in the two animal model systems (primates and.. Read More..

    Nov 2018

    US Fulbright Scholar to Vietnam Dr. Miriam Komaromy gave two training sessions to health care providers and law enforcement experts in Jakarta

    I had the opportunity to offer two trainings to health care providers and experts in law enforcement and policy in Indonesia.  The trainings were held in Jakarta at the start of November 2018. Approximately 23 individuals attended a training on implementation of the ECHO model to increase access to addiction treatment.  Approximately 55 individuals attended.. Read More..

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