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14 Sep 2017

Event Alert – September 14 & 15, 2017 at Universitas Indonesia

Fulbright alumni and Scholar, Dr. Fadjar Thufail and Dr. Rupert Stasch, will present at the Conference on the 60th Anniversary of Anthropology in Indonesia: Reflections on the Contributions of Anthropology to Indonesia. AMINEF Executive Director Mr. Alan Feinstein who is also a Fulbright alumnus will be one of the keynote speakers of the event. For details of.. Read More..

30 Aug 2017

Fulbright Research Presentation: Literacy in Development Discourse and Practice: Partial Views from From North Jakarta and Belu, NTT

US Fulbright Hays Jenny Fang Zhang shares her presentation from her ethnographic study which examined everyday literary practices using language socialization tools and perspectives. This study aims to compare practices, developmental processes and outcomes of the Literacy Boost Program in North Jakarta and in Belu Regency, a rural region bordering East Timor.

29 Aug 2017

Event Alert – August 29, 2017 at @america, Pacific Place Mall

Event Alert August 29, 2017 at @america, Pacific Place Mall, featuring Fulbright alumni and scholar from Vietnam, the Philippines, and the US who will share their experiences, and how Fulbright exchanges strengthen the U.S.-ASEAN partnership. Read More…

23 Aug 2017

Fulbright Research Presentation on English and Teacher Education

Join us at a Fulbright Research Presentation on English and Teacher Education which will be held in cooperation with Faculty of Education and Culture of Atma Jaya Catholic University featuring two Fulbright alumni, Dr. Amirul Mukminin and Dr. Dwi Riyanti.

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18 Aug 2017

Fulbright Research Presentation – A Sociotechnical Approach to Adaptive Water Governance in Lombok, Indonesia

Presenter: Mr. Alex Laplaza (Fulbright Student Research 2016) Home Institution: American University Host Institution: Universitas Mataram (UNRAM) Summary of the Research: This research examines a water governance paradigm in Lombok, Indonesia with the objective of expounding the dynamics between adaptive water governance and contextual conditions. This case study reveals an innovative pathway toward achieving governance prescriptions. In Lombok, decentralized technical decision-making acts.. Read More..

16 Aug 2017

Panel Discussion – How to Measure the Impact of International Scholarship Programs: Seeking Appropriate and Practical Approaches

AMINEF and the Ford Foundation will co-host a panel discussion on How to Measure the Impact of International Scholarship Programs: Seeking Appropriate and Practical Approaches. It will be held at the Ford Foundation auditorium on on August 16, 2017 from 14:00 to 16:00 at  Sequis Center, Auditorium 11th Fl, Jl. Jend. Sudirman Kav. 71, Jakarta. Newly returned Fulbright alumnus Dr. Budi Waluyo  (PhD,.. Read More..

14 Aug 2017

Fulbright Research Presentation – More Than Just Having Fun: Tembang Dolanan Anak and Its Sociocultural Functions in Indonesia (1920-2010’s)

Join us at the upcoming Fulbright Research Presentation which discuss the study of tembang dolanan anak and how it is used as an educational means to help build Javanese children’s cultural identity in three time frames. Presenter: Dr. Jui Ching Wang (Fulbright US Student Program 2016) Home Institution:  Northern Illinois University Host Institution:  Universitas Gadjah Mada Dr. Wang’s will share her fieldwork.. Read More..

03 Aug 2017

Fulbright Research Presentation: Networks of Interaction and Communities of Faith – On the Use of Archaeology in the Study of Islam’s Past in the Indonesian Archipelago

Join us at a Fulbright Research Presentation about finding the history of Islam in Indonesian Archipelago through an Archeological research and study. Please click here for further details and registration.

21 Jul 2017

Event Alert – July 21 and 22, 2017 at Universitas Surabaya

American Fulbright Scholar Prof. Yashwant Pathak will be a Keynote Speaker at Pharmaceutical Nanotechnology Conference at Universitas Surabaya on July 21, 2017. For details of event, please check out e-poster and here


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