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    17 Oct 2018

    Fulbright Specialist Dr. Melanye Dixon of the Ohio State University Joint Project with Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia

    Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia (UPI) had successfully conducted a collaboration on Dance Education with Dr. Melanye Dixon, Associate Professor at the Ohio State University. The collaboration took place from September 14 – 28, 2018 in Bandung, West Java at the Faculty of Dance Education and Design Education. Dr. Dixon said that working with the undergraduate and graduate.. Read More..

    02 Oct 2018

    Cultural and intellectual exchanges – my speaking engagements at Sebelas Maret University (UNS), Solo, Central Java

    Patricia Hardwick, Research Associate-in-Residence at Hofstra University, 2017-2018 Fulbright US Scholar to Indonesia whose research project investigates the historical and extant cultural flows between the Riau Islands, West Java, Central Java, Northeast Coast of Peninsular Malaysia, and Southern Thailand. I was invited as a keynote speaker to present at the International Conference of English Literary.. Read More..

    14 Sep 2018

    Teaching “Multiculturalism in America” at Universitas Diponegoro Brought New Perspectives for Fulbright Scholar Dr. Andrew Garner

    One of the classes Dr. Andrew Garner was asked to teach at Universitas Diponegoro (UNDIP) was titled “Multiculturalism in America”.  While not exactly his area of study, he did grow up in the American South and that is a region that many Indonesians are not familiar with.  Yet instead of simply presenting a PowerPoint lecture, as the.. Read More..

    14 Sep 2018

    St. Ambrose University Associate Professor’s Collaboration with Atma Jaya Catholic University in Yogyakarta

    Dr. Patrick O’Leary, associate professor at St. Ambrose University in Iowa, USA, and the Faculty of Economy of the Atma Jaya Catholic University in Yogyakarta had successfully collaborated through the Fulbright Specialist program. One of the priorities of the International Program in the Faculty of Economy of the Atma Jaya Catholic University in Yogyakarta is.. Read More..

    14 Sep 2018

    Professor Douglas of St. Joseph’s College New York takes on Fulbright Specialist Program in Indonesia

    Dr. Cynthia Douglas, professor of St. Joseph’s College in New York, and the Atma Jaya Catholic University in Jakarta had made successful collaboration focusing on the role of cultural awareness in English Language teaching and learning through Fulbright Specialist program. From July 13, 2018 to August 20, 2018 Cynthia and the Atma Jaya Catholic University.. Read More..

    14 Sep 2018

    Universitas Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta’s Collaboration with Fulbright Specialist Dr. Karen Huchting of Loyola Marymount University, US

    Dr. Karen “Karie” Huchting, Associate Professor of Loyola Marymount University, was thrilled to be accepted as a Fulbright Specialist to work with the English Language Education Department faculty from the Universitas Muhammadiyah Yogakarta (UMY) from July 15 to August 5, 2018, facilitating a workshop on research methods and writing for publication. The faculty of UMY.. Read More..

    31 May 2018

    Stories from Indonesian Community College Initiative Program Alumni in May 2018 Highlight

    AMINEF would like to share some stories from Indonesian CCI alumni from Indonesia, as published on the global Community College Initiative Program Facebook Page.   CCI Alumna Reni Boediarti Secures a New Job within Days of Returning to Home Country CCI alumna Reni Boediarti (Indonesia, Scottsdale Community College, Media, 2017-18) has only been back in her.. Read More..

    18 May 2018

    Fulbright Specialist Dr. Jonathan Westover’s Activities at Atma Jaya Catholic University of Indonesia

    As part of his Fulbright Specialist program with Atma Jaya Catholic University of Indonesia, Dr. Jonathan Westover presented to the university’s management his recommendations for its 5-year plan. The presentation was held at the university’s Semanggi campus attended by, among others, Rector of Atma Jaya Catholic University of Indonesia, Dr. A. Prasetyantoko, Vice Rector Dr… Read More..

    08 May 2018

    Berbagi Pengalaman Mengajar Bahasa Indonesia di Columbia University

    Agita Risma Nurhikmawati, Alumni Fulbright FLTA – Badan Bahasa Program, menceritakan pengalamannya menjadi asisten pengajar Bahasa Indonesia selama 9 bulan di Columbia University, New York pada tahun 2016 – 2017 lalu. Read More..

    03 Apr 2018

    UNHAS and Fulbright Specialist Susan L. Williams Collaboration on Coastal Marine Science Issues

    Indonesia holds some of the most diverse marine life on earth, held in its coastal ecosystems of mangroves, seagrass, and coral reefs. These ecosystems support many economically valuable fisheries and help protect coasts from storm damage, erosion, and sea level rise. Many millions of humans depend on these ecosystems for food and livelihoods. Coastal marine.. Read More..

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