• Event Alert : Impacts of Co-teaching with English Teaching Assistants (ETA) in Indonesia

    04_25 FRP Shelby Lawson

    How do co-teachers and ETAs contribute to and benefit from the co-teaching relationship and experience?

    Join us at a research presentation by Shelby Lawson, Fulbright ETA Coordinator/Researcher who will convey the personal accounts and statistics of the English Teaching Assistant (ETA) and co-teacher relationships. In a co-teaching relationship, the students should not be the only ones gaining valuable experience and skills. Both of the teachers should grow and benefit as well, especially in a cross-cultural partnership. Her research will examine how both teachers are affected by their co-teaching relationship, with particular focus on teaching practices and future plans. Conclusions will show that co-teachers have a positive effect on their classrooms and each other.


    About the Presenter:

    Shelby Lawson finished her English Teaching Assistantship at SMA 7 Kendari, Indonesia in May 2017. Falling in love with the country, she then applied to become Fulbright ETA Coordinator/Researcher 2017-2018, where she serves as the point-person for ETAs in Indonesia, organizes trainings and conferences, and conducts research on the program’s effectiveness. Before coming to Indonesia, Shelby taught with Teach For America on the border of Texas and Mexico in McAllen, TX.  In her free time, Shelby loves catching up with friends, connecting others, traveling, and design. And she absolutely loves dogs.


    This presentation will be held at UNIKA Atma Jaya on May 18, 2018. Please see e-poster for registration details.

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