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    AMINEF and Universitas Sains dan Teknologi Jayapura (USTJ) invite you to a Fulbright Research Presentation on civil engineering entitled ‘Seismic Resistant Walls in Building Structures’ by 2010 Fulbright Doctoral Degree Scholarship Dr. Leary Pakding on April 13, 2019, at 09.00 – 12.00 at USTJ, Papua.

    Leary received the Fulbright grant to pursue a PhD in structural engineering at Lehigh University. He earned a master’s degree in civil engineering from Delft University of Technology and bachelor’s degree in the same field of study from USTJ.

    His research interest in structural engineering ranges from design and analysis of building structures, performance-based design, and earthquake engineering.

    Leary Pakiding is a lecturer in civil engineering study program at USTJ.

    This event is open to the public and free of charge.

    A short summary of the research:

    Although cast-in-place concrete structural walls have good lateral stiffness and strength, significant damage to concrete structural walls has been observed in past earthquakes. For a cast-in-place concrete wall, softening of the lateral stiffness can be caused by yielding of the longitudinal steel reinforcement and nonlinear response of the concrete in compression. In addition, a cast-in-place concrete wall may have significant residual drift after an earthquake, which may hinder the immediate use and occupancy of a building with cast-in-place structural walls after an earthquake. This study addresses this potential limitation of cast-in-place concrete walls by using unbounded post-tensioned steel within a cast-in-place concrete wall.

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