• Fulbright Research Presentation on Geography and Urban Planning in Malang

    kemal dan ikeAMINEF in cooperation with American Corner Universitas Muhammadiyah Malang (UMM) will hold a Fulbright Research Presentation on Geography and Urban Planning on Thursday, October 19 at 2 – 4 pm at American Corner, UPT Perpustakaan Lt. 3, Kampus III, UMM.

    This event will feature two Fulbright alumni, Dr. Ike Sari Astuti from Universitas Negeri Malang and Mr. Kemal Taruc from Universitas Tarumanagara, Jakarta. Please check out below for more information.

    [Research] Urban Resilience: US-Indonesia Research Collaboration

    Presenter: Mr. Kemal Taruc

    Program: Fulbright US-ASEAN Initiative 2016

    Host Institution: Northeastern University

    Home Institution: Tarumanagara University, Jakarta

    Research Summary:
    Urban resilience has emerged as an approach to response to urban environmental crisis, e.g., the case of flooding in Jakarta, or other natural and man-made hazards. It is connected to a range of a complex mix of socioeconomic, geographic, and political dynamics. It is increasingly apparent that there can be no single solution to the issue of urban resilience. It requires many different approach, including not only the development of new infrastructures of resilience, but also regulatory and governance reform, new approaches to urban planning and design, as well as community-based solutions to adaptation and mitigation. The deliberations revealed a number of important emerging areas of research.

    [Dissertation]  Linking Land Use Land Cover Change, Drivers and Impacts on Runoff and Water Quality in an Increasingly Urbanized Tropical Watershed, Upper Brantas.

    Presenter: Dr. Ike Sari Astuti

    Program: Fulbright Presidential PhD 2013

    Host Institution: The University of Georgia

    Home Institution: Universitas Negeri Malang

    Dissertation Summary:
    Sedimentation and eutrophication have been increasingly observed in Upper Brantas.  The rapid land use change has been suspected to cause these problems.  Unfortunately, information about the nature of land use change and its drivers are poorly understood and the corresponding impacts on runoff was even unknown.  The study aimed at improving understanding the relationship between land use and hydrological response affecting runoff.  Remote sensing and GIS were used as main methods in investigating the issues.  The findings revealed that land use change is a complex process in Upper Brantas, East Java.  It was affected by both direct and non-direct factors such as improvement of accessibility, infrastructure and population growth.  Further study showed that land use change process deals with rapid urban development, loss of farmland and forest conversion to urban development.  Change in land use altered hydrological response mainly runoff, the main governing factor of sediment and nutrients. Long term study showed that sediment and nutrient dynamics in water bodies such as reservoirs are site specific, affected by both internal and external factors in the water systems. In overall, land use practice aiming at watershed improvement should target runoff management from agriculture and point-source pollution.

    This event is free and open to the public. Register soon at https://fulbright-geography.eventbrite.com as seats are limited.

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