• Fulbright Research Presentation – Indonesian Biomass: Waste Reused

    frp-indonesian biomassJoin us at the upcoming Fulbright Research Presentation by Ms. Stephanie O’Gara on the topic of Waste Management which will be held in cooperation with i3L on November 2.

    Presenter: Ms. Stephanie O’Gara (Fulbright Student Researcher 2016)

    Home Institution: Columbia University

    Host Institution: Indonesia International Institute for Life Sciences (i3L)

    Summary of the Research: Indonesia’s greenhouse gas emissions have more than doubled in the past decade. This contributes to climate change and adversely affects lower income Indonesians who depend on stable climates for their livelihoods. Waste accounts for 25% of all greenhouse gas emissions in Indonesia, making economical waste management an urgent issue. This presentation explores a case study of the challenges and potential solutions for rice waste management in Lombok, where 1,071,367 tons of rice waste is produced each year. With a better understanding of this waste, Indonesia’s agricultural sector could use this potential resource, decrease its carbon footprint, and bolster rural economies.

    This event is open to the public. Visit https://fulbright-biomass.eventbrite.com for registration.

    Last Updated: Oct 25, 2017 @ 5:17 pm

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