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    Fulbright Research Presentation: The Use of Nano Particles in Cement and Concrete Composites

    In recent years, the use of nano materials has received particular attention in the application of construction materials, especially in cement mortar and concrete. Nano materials appear to be potentially better than micro-size supplementary cementitious materials because of high specific surface area, extremely small size, and more amorphous nature of the particles. Application of nano particles will be a visible option for optimizing the blended cement and concrete composites especially on the country, like Indonesia, where the natural resources and by-products materials are available.
    Join us at the Fulbright research presentation by Dr. Steve Supit who was recently back from his research program at Northwestern University. He also had conducted research project in Thailand and Australia with a focus on advanced concrete technology for applications in civil engineering prior to his US departure.
    Please visit this link for attendees registration: https://fulbright-nanoparticles.eventbrite.com

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