• Fulbright Scholar to Hong Kong Dr. Mitchell Sutter’s visit to two universities in Shanghai and Hangzhou

    On November 2018, I visited the Chinese Academy of Science Institute for Neuroscience (ION) in Shanghai and Zheijiang University Interdisciplinary Institute of Neuroscience & Technology (ZIINT) in Hangzhou.  The purpose was to advance knowledge about sensory processing and the interaction of sensory processing with attention and decisions in the two animal model systems (primates and rodents) emphasized in the China Brain Project (CBP).

    ION’s director, Dr. Mu-Ming Poo, was one of the guiding lights in developing the CBP.  Both institutes were vibrant with many faculty less than four years into their new PI faculty positions. There was great bi-directional learning, both in terms of science, and also getting a better understanding of how each other’s countries scientific research systems work (such as how funding is established, the path to different careers, teaching, etc.).

    Also we made very strong collegial bonds and enjoyed the time discussing science and other areas of joint interest. Persons at both universities welcome another visit from me, and I would be an enthusiastic host if any of the people I met wanted to visit UC Davis.  I formed possible collaborations on different levels with several faculty members.  I would like to give my warmest thanks the both institutions for their hospitality, and the amazing experience this provided me. I would also like to thank the Fulbright program for allowing me the chance and means to pursue this amazing opportunity.   I hope (and believe) that I provided a positive experience and interactions with the Chinese institutions.

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