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    Fulbright Scholar to Indonesia Gave Eight Talks on Nanotechnology in Thailand

    Prof. Yashwant Pathak, a Fulbright Scholar to Indonesia, introduced his works on nanotechnology during his visit at two local universities in the Land of Smiles in June. The visit was supported Fulbright East Asia Pacific Regional Travel Program.

    Over 150 students and faculty members of Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Prince of Songkla University at Hat Yai and Mahidol University College of Pharmacy, Bangkok joined the talks which was delivered by Prof. Pathak.

    Prof. Pathak is an internationally recognized scholar, researcher, and educator in the areas of Nanotechnology, Drug Delivery Systems and Nutraceuticals. Currently, he is a visiting lecturer at Universitas Surabaya in Indonesia. In the end of July, he will return to the US to resume his work at the College of Pharmacy, University of South Florida.

    In his recent visit to Thailand, Prof. Pathak also encouraged the faculty and students to apply for Fulbright scholarships to study or conduct research in the States.

    “I also volunteered to support their applications,” he said, adding that he was optimistic that the students he met would be leading scientists in their fields in the future.

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