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    Fulbright Scholar Yashwant Pathak connects local universities in Vietnam, Cambodia with US

    Fulbright Scholar to Indonesia Yashwant Pathak recently completed his trip to Vietnam and Cambodia with the support of East Asia Pacific Regional Travel Program (RTP). During the visit, he managed to link local universities with his university in the States.

    With the support of RTP, which is administered by AMINEF, Prof. Pathak visited Vietnam’s International University-National University of Vietnam and University of Medicine and Pharmacy, and Cambodia’s College of Pharmacy at University of Puthisastra in late May until early June.

    “Once I am back in USF I will discuss with our International affairs authorities to explore possibilities of general agreements with these institutions,” said the scholar, referring to University of South Florida, his home institution in the United States.

    In his visits to Vietnam and Cambodia, Prof. Pathak interacted with over 250 students and faculty members at the three colleges during various public lectures in the fields of nanotechnology, herbal drug delivery and ophthalmic drug delivery.

    “I met some very intelligent students during my travel and I am sure to see some of those brilliant minds very soon doing their graduate programs in suitable universities in the United States,” he said.

    Prof. Pathak believed that the three institutions and their students and faculty members would contribute to the world of science especially in the area of nanotechnology in near future.

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