• Fulbright Senior Specialist Professor Stephen Siebert’s collaboration with Universitas Hasanuddin


    Fulbright Senior Specialist, Professor Stephen Siebert from W.A. Franke College of Forestry & Conservation University of Montana (UM CFC) worked with Universitas Hasanuddin counterparts from November 29 to December 12, 2017 during which time he presented four seminars, toured UNHAS campus and off-campus facilities, and in collaboration with UNHAS faculty identified potential collaborative teaching and research activities to pursue in the future.


    Through discussions, a number of topics of interest to faculty at both institutions were identified that might be the basis of future collaboration, including:  the effects of climate change on ecosystem productivity and food security, wildlife conservation, community forestry and conservation, ecotourism, ecological restoration, GIS and land use changes, and the political ecology of land use change.

    In addition, several specific collaborative activities would be explored further in the coming year, including:  1) capacity building at UNHAS through PhD study by two or three UNHAS lecturers at UM CFC; 2) the development of joint research and publications; 3) a UM CFC faculty member possibly providing the keynote address at an International Conference on biodiversity conservation that UNHAS is organizing for late 2018; and 4) UM CFC undergraduates students attending the UNHAS summer camp.

    The Fulbright Specialist Program administered by AMINEF offers Indonesian and American faculty and academic institutions the opportunity to explore and develop valuable collaborative educational activities that can enhance teaching and research missions.

    If Indonesian institutions are interested to invite an expert from the US for the duration of two to six weeks through the Fulbright Specialist program, application form and detailed information are available.

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