• Grantee Stories

    My journey to the U.S. is a discovery in many senses. I discovered my true potentials and dreams that I never thought I had in me. I unraveled the many American personalities whom I find fascinating and dear to my heart forever. But most surprising of all, I discovered my love to my own country.. Read More..

    My two years in Atlanta taught me to be both academically and culturally mature. Not only that, Fulbright opened the door to more opportunities. Being a Fulbright awardee leveraged my presence in the U.S. and introduced me to many respected people in their field of expertise, of whom some made my current studying at Harvard,.. Read More..

    Fulbright changed my life. Without the scholarship, I would not have been where I am right now. For me it was the gate to the world, which stretched from life-long individual friendship to professional collaboration and institutional networking. Through its multiplying effect, I believe the Fulbright program has brought about social transformation. In another, more.. Read More..

    The Fulbright program was a ‘precious’ experience that facilitated not only my professional development but also my whole being as an individual. The program opened up my horizon as a scholar and as a human being. I could not have been more glad to have the opportunity to participate in the program. Luciana 2007 Fulbright.. Read More..

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