• St. Ambrose University Associate Professor’s Collaboration with Atma Jaya Catholic University in Yogyakarta

    Dr. Patrick O’Leary, associate professor at St. Ambrose University in Iowa, USA, and the Faculty of Economy of the Atma Jaya Catholic University in Yogyakarta had successfully collaborated through the Fulbright Specialist program.

    Dr. Patrick O’Leary1

    One of the priorities of the International Program in the Faculty of Economy of the Atma Jaya Catholic University in Yogyakarta is to prepare students with knowledge on how to survive the job market in globalization era. Therefore, the program commits to provide students with subjects that equip them with global perspectives, and excellent links to various industries and professions that can be an ideal entry to these exciting and expanding international careers. In order to provide students with global perspectives and maintain the quality of their teaching, the university invited a specialist from the US through the Fulbright Specialist program to help update the students’ knowledge and the lecturers’ teaching quality on several important subjects in the business and administration, and human resource management industries.

    From July 15-August 15, 2018, Dr. O’Leary gave a total of six presentations on such topics as experiential learning method, creativity in the workplace, and organizational change to students and faculty members. Lecturers found the workshop on experiential learning method beneficial since they received a lot of new insights and best practices from the workshop on experiential learning, which hopefully will be implemented in their classrooms.  Students are also able to benefits from a workshop session on Creativity in the Workplace. They have a better understanding on what they will do in the workplace, and what they should do to reach their career plan. Furthermore, they have become more conscious that work is not only about following the work procedures but also about creating innovative ways to reach the goal at work.

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    He was also able to meet and had a discussion with the International Accreditation team of the Faculty of Economy. The discussion was aimed at improving the understanding of the international accreditation team on the meaning of international accreditation, the importance and purpose of it, the target and the result after accreditation is received.

    In addition to it, he had a discussion with the lecturers of Human Resource Management program. The discussion focused more on issues and trend on Human Resource Management research. The session had boosted the lecturers’ motivation to conduct research.

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    Dr. O’Leary has broad international work experience, including time in England, Japan, Dubai, and Belgium. His research interests are in cross-cultural management and international dimensions of organizational behavior. He has been published in the International Journal of Health Care Quality Assurance, Ivey Case Publishing, the Journal of Business and Economic Perspectives, the American Journal of Distance Education, and others. He has also been a visiting faculty at Vilnius University in Lithuania, Duy Tan University in Vietnam, Zagreb School of Economics in Croatia, and Kaiserslautern Technical University, Germany.

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