• Grantee Stories

    Fulbright Foreign Language Teaching Assistant (FLTA) program allows me to meet many people, experience new things, culture and challenges, see my and others culture and country from different perspectives, train myself to be more independent and better in my professional work. It’s also a mind-broadening experience. Thank you Fulbright for making this opportunity possible. Siegrieda.. Read More..

    If someone life is a series of dreams to achieve, Fulbright program is a tale that tells us to treasure our dreams, a spirit that encourages us to keep holding onto our dreams, and a bridge that helps us go from a dream to our next dream. During my time as Fulbright Foreign Language Teaching.. Read More..

    I have always been a dreamer, and is a kind of person who would strive to reach my dreams. It is this attitude that has brought me to so many incredible achievements in life so far. However, all of the previous achievements could not beat the joy and excitement I felt when I was granted.. Read More..

    “One of the advantages of studying abroad is that students get to be learning atmospere that triggers analytical thinking and opens wide the accessibility of resources to students. that requires the kind of infrastructure that we just don’t have yest here at home.” said law professor Ningrum Sirait, vice rector at the University of North.. Read More..

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