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    From the beginning, Fulbright gives me a tremendous opportunity to reach my study objectives. It turns out that not only does Fulbright support me to study at my favorite university, program, and professor, but it also enlarges my perspective both as a scholar and, more importantly, as a human being. Having all these privileges constantly.. Read More..

    It is great to recognize that Fulbright-AMINEF scholarship was a Golden Gate for my academic, intellectual, and social career. Thanks to the Fulbright scholarship, I was able to complete my Master’s at Columbia University and won its multi-year president fellowship for my PhD program and later was again granted another Fulbright for writing up my.. Read More..

    Today, advance technology allows us to study various subjects through online learning facilities. Some universities also offer long distance programs with fully accredited degrees. Fulbright provided me with more than opportunity to pursue study and obtain a graduate degree. It gave me exposure to different cultures; hands-on experience in various projects; and opportunities to interact.. Read More..

    July 2016

    Kuliah Kelar, Jalan-Jalan Lancar (Tips Cara Mendapatkan Beasiswa Fulbright)

    Wawancara bersama Siti Juwariyah (Salah satu penerima Beasiswa Fulbright dan pecinta Traveling) Berburu beasiswa dan menyelesaikan pendidikan di luar negeri cenderung identik dengan segala hal yang berbau serius dan akademik. Hal ini bukan tanpa alasan. Apalagi, jika beasiswa yang sedang diincar adalah beasiswa bergengsi dunia. Segala cara mendapatkan beasiswa akan diusahakan. Belajar dengan serius agar.. Read More..

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