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November 2023 Edition

Welcome to another edition of the Fulbright AMINEF Monthly Highlights, where we celebrate our dedicated educators’ remarkable efforts and achievements across Indonesia. As we embark on this journey, we aim to spotlight their impactful work in their classrooms and communities. In November, ETAs are entirely in the swing of things, as they have all settled into their routines and have been solely focused on their goals and responsibilities as English Teaching Assistants here in Indonesia.

AMINEF American Program and Communications Teams

We’d love to get your feedback.

Please share with us your favorite stories: which stories struck you as interesting, which teaching method is most fun, or you’d like to apply, or which activity you’d like to hear more about. Email us at communications@aminef.or.id, and we’ll post your feedback in the following newsletter. You may win a special thank-you gift from us.


Manado Cultural Festival

During November, students at SMKN 3 Manado follow a special curriculum designed to help them understand the civic spirit of Pancasila, the set of five fundamental tenets underlying the Indonesian national constitution. Students also complete special projects related to their future careers. ETA Harrison Crawford supported many of these projects, from giving feedback on job.. Read More.

Turkey and Tempeh: Practicing English with American Corner Universitas Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta

The dawning of the American holiday season provided ETA Parker Raybourne with the opportunity to share the jubilation of Thanksgiving with students from the English Club at SMKN 1 Cangkringan and The American Corner at Universitas Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta (AC UMY). During a celebration hosted by AC UMY, participants enjoyed a blend of traditional American holiday.. Read More.

Exploring the Classroom

Celebrating her third month of teaching English, ETA Lillian (Lily) Rhinehart has found her stride in the classroom. Throughout November, Lily helped create a series of lessons, with one standout for Lily being a deep dive into figurative language with the 10th-grade class. This week, the classes dissected the motivational songs “Roar” by Katy Perry.. Read More.

Krida Day at SMK 3 Pekanbaru: A Celebration of Student Talent

On November 10, SMK 3 Pekanbaru transformed into a vibrant stage for creativity and self-expression as students took center stage for Krida Day, a tradition that showcases the diverse talents of the school’s young minds. ETA Molly Gleason had the exciting opportunity to witness the many amazing talents of the student body. Krida Day’s festivities.. Read More.

Karaoke Teachers’ Day Celebration

Last Saturday at SMAN 1 Sedayu was a Teachers’ Day celebration for the books. Teachers and their families gathered at school for a heartwarming event that kicked off with a pump walk around the village, with a traditional feast that included bakso (meatball soup with noodles), boiled peanuts, and bananas. After the feast began the.. Read More.

Orange You Glad We’re Learning English

On November 20, 2023, ETA Natalie Suh met with her tenth-grade hotel students and co-taught a lesson on descriptive text. The lesson introduced the five senses: sight, sound, smell, taste, and touch. Students also learned the names of the body parts used with each sense. After students were done taking their notes, she instructed students.. Read More.

10th Grade Students Clean up Batakan Baru Beach

All ten classes from 10th grade were looking forward to a field trip to Batakan Baru Beach. As ETA Tineer Ahmed has been teaching them lessons only isolated in class or the English club, she found this a great opportunity to connect with her students in a different setting. The beach was filled with about.. Read More.

Exploring Temples, Chasing Waterfalls

This past November was full of fun, enriching, and insightful bonding moments between ETA Avery Erickson and her teaching community in Surakarta. One Saturday, a host of co-teachers from SMKN 4 and other English teachers from the Surakarta area embarked on a journey to visit the ancient Hindu temple, Sukuh Temple, and the magnificent Jumog.. Read More.

Exploring Emotional Intelligence

Amidst the whirlwind of imminent exams and relentless academic pressures, the burden of stress weighed heavily on SMAN 1 Matauli Pandan students. Acknowledging these challenges and the intricate emotional landscape of high school life, ETA Katrien Weemaes and her co-teacher, Ibu Erma, spearheaded an innovative English session centered around nurturing emotional intelligence. Welcoming eager students.. Read More.

Grateful And Proud Of My Students

The end of the semester marks a time of relief for students and teachers. The teachers taught, and the students took advantage of the opportunity to learn anything they could. In the week before exams on November 27, the students organized a massive celebration appreciating teachers: Teachers’ Day, a day that Indonesian students celebrate teachers.. Read More.

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