• Family Meets Family 1 (at Kendari)


    Kendari had a group of special visitors in December! ETA Meghan Cullinan became a host in Kendari for her own family as they joined her to celebrate Christmas. She began her Christmas celebration in Singapore with her family, and together, they returned “home” to Kendari. After living in two different areas of Indonesia, Meghan was thrilled to finally share the Indonesian culture and her friendships with her family. Meghan’s co-teachers and friends joined her in anxiously awaiting the arrival of her family in December. They tried to learn about her family as much as possible and worked with her to create plans and surprises to make her family’s time in Kendari special!

    Meghan’s co-teachers welcomed her family to Kendari by sharing a traditional grilled fish dinner with their families. Her family loved the food and meeting her Indonesian “moms.” Meghan also surprised her family with matching batik prepared by one of her co-teachers! Many people in Kendari loved seeing her family embrace the Indonesian batik culture. In Kendari, Meghan shared many meals together with her family and friends to introduce her family to the community she is a part of in Kendari. She also was able to take her family to a local beach where her family learned about the Bajo tribe and discovered one of Kendari’s hidden treasures. While her family was only in Kendari for a few days, Meghan knows her experience uniting her families in America and Kendari will be one she will never forget!

    Meghan Cullinan is currently teaching at MAN 1 Kendari, Southeast Sulawesi

    Last Updated: Feb 23, 2018 @ 2:11 pm

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