Grantee Stories

The Fulbright experience has been an important milestone in both my career and personal trajectories. Opening up a door to the glittering world of academia, it indulges my hunger for knowledge of cross-disciplinary approaches in the humanities and for the experience of worldwide cultural diversity. Pursuing the Ph.D. in the US has been both precious.. Read More..

The academic and research opportunities available through the Fulbright program are priceless. During my graduate studies at the California Institute of Technology, I have been exposed to cutting edge research in numerous science and engineering fields. In addition, being able to meet, talk, and collaborate with some of the greatest minds in the world, including.. Read More..

If I were to list down two most valuable experiences in life, top of mind would be a) being a father and b) being a Fulbright scholar. By the first, I gain greater responsibility and love for the family, while in the latter I gain broader network and connectivity with the inter-connected Fulbright world and.. Read More..

I was a lucky faculty member when Fulbright sent me to the Ohio State University in 1988 for my Master’s degree. It opened my eyes wider and wider since the first day I arrived in Columbus. Within two years Fulbright dramatically changed my life from just a lecturer to a lecturer plus. The intention to.. Read More..

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