Grantee Stories

Fulbright Foreign Language Teaching Assistant is the program that I would keep in my mind and heart for good. Being here in America and teaching Indonesian. Being exposed to American culture changes most of my perception about Americans. In addition, I have the chance to taste international life, meeting with people from all around the world,.. Read More..

Not only to learn but how to learn, not only to succeed but how to be successful. The opportunity given by the Fulbright Program is not only to learn science, knowledge and technology in the U.S., but more also to provide me with character building and life values achievement journey. As a Fulbrighter in 2002,.. Read More..

We don’t understand peace until we lost it. A major evidence that disrupted social, economic, and humanity balance is the terrorist attacks in many countries. We lost peace, we are uprooted from our very existence. Foundation of peace is not love but equality, respect and acceptance. Chrisma Albandjar 2001 Fulbright student to San Francisco State University.. Read More..

The Fulbright program has been so meaningful to me. It has opened my eyes to see the world from which I build my pluralistic world view, to see different cultures from which I build my humanitarian “ideology,” to see the other as part of “us” (our well-beings could only be attained through guaranteeing the well-beings.. Read More..

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