• RTP Activities

    Jun 2017

    Fulbright Scholar to China establishes network in Hong Kong, Taipei

    Prof. Ava Chin, US Fulbright Scholar to China, shared her works on foraging, sustainability, and urban natures at the local universities at Taiwan and Hong Kong with the support of the Fulbright East Asia Pacific Regional Travel Program. In Taiwan, she visited Academia Sinica in Taipei where she gave an academic presentation on US foraging.. Read More..

    May 2017

    Fulbright Scholar C James Hueng introduces US banking system to students, scholars in Taiwan

    Fulbright Scholar to China Prof. C James Hueng traveled to Taiwan with the support of East Asia Pacific Regional Travel Program (RTP) in late May to talk about banking systems in the United States. During the trip, he visited National Taiwan University and National Central University. He gave talks on “Central Banking in the United.. Read More..

    May 2017

    Fulbright Scholar Grace Wang Discusses Youth and Social Media Activism in Korea

    Dr. Grace Wang, US Fulbright Scholar to Hong Kong, flew to Korea in May to give a lecture on “An Asian American Movement Online?: Youth and Social Media Activism” at Yonsei University, supported by East Asia Pacific Regional Travel Program (RTP). The lecture by Dr. Wang, an Associate Professor of American Studies at the University.. Read More..

    May 2017

    Fulbright Scholar Jayde Roberts participates in workshop on urban issues in Cambodia

    Dr Jayde Roberts, Fulbright US Scholar to Myanmar, was invited to provide two talks and participate in the student activities of an urban workshop titled, “Heritages, Identities, Communities: Learning from Phnom Penh and Yangon” at the Royal University of Fine Arts in Phnom Penh, Cambodia in May. Through sharing her knowledge about the ethnic communities.. Read More..

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