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    Guess the Celebrity

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    ETA Nabeel Ahmad partook in ETA Ian Morse’s English club in MAN 2 Batuda’a, after Ian invited Nabeel. Ian’s English club had about thirty students, all of whom were eager to see Nabeel from SMAN 1 Limboto.

    At the start of the meeting, Nabeel introduced himself and we played a game called “Guess the Celebrity”. Students were split into two groups: Nabeel’s group called Team Indonesia and Ian’s group called Team USA. In this game, each student wrote a celebrity from Indonesia or USA onto a note card. The students then exchanged their note card with their shoulder partner within their group. Students then taped the note card onto their forehead without looking at the celebrity. The group provided clues to the student in English and the student tried to guess the celebrity. When it came to Nabeel’s turn, he tried to decipher the celebrity by using the clues provided by his group; clues included male, singer, from United Kingdom, and a part of One Direction. To his excitement, Nabeel guessed singer Zayn Malik!

    Nabeel Ahmad is currently teaching at SMAN 1 Limboto, Gorontalo, Sulawesi

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