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    An activity that ETA Matt Poissant really loves using in the classroom is called Speed Reading so he was really excited when the topic for this week was recount text.

    After his co-teacher, Ibu Emma, explained the purpose and structure of recount text, Matt was able to get the activity started. Matt posted 3 copies of a recount text about the life of Malcolm X on the back wall of the classroom. He gave the students some context about who Malcolm X was and why he was important in America as well as the issues America was facing during the time Malcolm X was alive and then Matt split the students into 8 groups. Matt explained that he would write a question on the board and that the answer can be found in the text on the back wall, however only one person from each group can go up and read the text. Matt had all the selected readers come to the front of the classroom and emphasized to them that they had to tell their group the answer but that they could not write the answer, however they could return to the text as many times as they needed. After making sure they understood the question the countdown began and at 0 they raced to the texts at the back of the class to find the answer. The students were very motivated to read about Malcolm X, not just because of the game but because of how important Islam was in his life.

    Matt Poissant is currently teaching at MAN Demak, Central Java

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