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    The week of October 31st ETA Matt Poissant decided to teach a lesson about Halloween in America. This started out with a short introduction to the holiday of Halloween with pictures of folks from Matt’s family, and himself as a child, dressed up in costumes and trick-or-treating. Matt used this as a segue to inform students that the objective for today was to create and describe their own monster or hero. First, students practiced describing various heroes and monsters while properly distinguishing between using “can”, “has”, and “is” when writing a descriptive sentence. After familiarizing students with different ways to describe things, Matt gave each student a marker and piece of white paper and tasked them to create their own monster or hero by first naming it, distinguishing it as a monster or hero, and then creating their own sentence describing their creation. Students were very excited to show Matt and each other the name and description of their creation but they were not finished yet. Matt then explained that he would give each student two slips of paper. Each paper detailed a power, weapon or other detail and students were tasked to create two more description sentences about their creation using the details they were given. Matt based the details off of a card game called “Superfights” that includes very creative and sometimes strange or funny powers and abilities so when students interpreted the meaning of their detail they usually got a good chuckle out of it. Matt told students that once they were finished writing their descriptions they had to draw their monster or hero in a way that included the descriptions they wrote about. When students were finished with their drawings Matt encouraged students to argue with each other about whose creation would win in a fight. At the end of class Matt gave each student a piece of tape so they could post their creation on the wall for all to see.

    Matt Poissant is currently teaching at MAN Demak, Central Java

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