• Cohort 2017-2018 Edition

    Don’t Forget to Smile

    Throughout December as SMAN 1 Demak’s semester came to a close, ETA Sarah Wozniak helped several students and teachers prepare scholarship applications and interviews. Over the course of the past few weeks, Ibu Yulia Mufarichah, Bapak Baihaqi Aditya, and 10th, 11th, and 12th grade students prepared scholarship essays and interview questions. They discussed the potential.. Read More..

    Pen Pal Letter from Kendari

    During one of few remaining English Club meetings, ETA Nabeel Ahmad shared his community engagement project with his students: a pen pal letter from ETA Meghan’s MAN 1 in Kendari, Southeast Sulawesi. Students worked on their exchange letter in Fall 2017; they were instructed to write what life in Gorontalo is like detailing their local.. Read More..

    Field Trip to American Corner!

    This month, ETA Kelly Richard teamed up with her local English Language Fellow (and good friend) Robyn to organize a field trip to the American Corner! About 25 students who participate in English extracurricular activity, classes with Kelly, or just love English came. Borrowing a bus from Universitas Adi Buana, Robyn, Kelly, and three co-teachers.. Read More..

    Reflecting on a Year

    The month of April means the grant period is almost over. While ETA Arshelle Carter tied up loose ends and reflected on the past nine months, she was pleased to host her sister-cousin, D’Lea Cohen, at site. D’Lea was only in Indonesia for a few days, so the pair had a jam packed schedule. They.. Read More..

    A Busy Month to Wrap Up a Busy Year

    April was an incredibly busy month for ETA Greg Sutton. He had met with his local WORDS competition winner Sherlia Faramida nearly every day in March, and accompanied her to Jakarta in the beginning of April to participate in the National WORDS Competition. He was thrilled when she won first place, after competing with 18.. Read More..

    WORDS Competition

    At the beginning of April, ETA Amy Quirion and her student Desta flew to Jakarta together to attend the National WORDS Competition! Desta was the winner of the local WORDS Competition from SMAN 2 Balige and was thrilled at the chance to go to Jakarta for the first time. This was her first flight to.. Read More..

    Volunteer Trip to Labuan Bajo

    ETA Matthew Poissant had the privilege of joining his student Nadlifah in Labuan Bajo. Nadlifah was the runner up in the national WORDS competition so she earned the opportunity to go on a volunteer trip to Labuan Bajo that Matthew was lucky enough to be able to join. Along with the other two winners of.. Read More..

    Don’t Tell Anyone, But Ian Is Going to Dance

    ETA Ian Morse’s school likes to get everyone involved in big events, like Ian’s upcoming farewell party. It’s combined with the 12th grade graduation, so all the performances will likely keep the guests from the food for hours. Ian’s English Club has three events, plus Ian’s farewell speech. The most fun one – and the one.. Read More..

    Happy 80th Birthday Grafika!

    This month, SMKN 4 Malang, lovingly known as ‘Grafika,’ celebrated its 80th birthday with the usual fanfare and celebration that comes with such a big occasion. Every class, and every teaching department, dressed to a different theme and took part in many competitions and a parade. Among the competitions was the competition for best costume.. Read More..

    Recycled Light

    ETA Sheldon Ruby is not always aware of everything that happens at his school, even when it is related to his own classes. Earlier this year, Sheldon and his co-teacher, Pak Andi, taught a lesson about procedural text. Since they taught this lesson together, students have been giving presentations on procedure texts that they have.. Read More..


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