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January 2024 Edition

As we step into the new year, January brings a fresh canvas to draw our endeavors and pursue our goals. In this edition of the Fulbright ETA Monthly Highlights, we reflect on the strides made, the challenges overcome, and the impact our dedicated cohort of educators across Indonesia created. From innovative teaching methods to community outreach initiatives, each story encapsulates resilience, creativity, and dedication that defines our mission. Join us as we celebrate the commitment to fostering cross-cultural understanding and empowering learners with the English language skills they need to thrive in a growing, interconnected world.

AMINEF American Program and Communications Teams

We’d love to get your feedback.

Please share with us your favorite stories: which stories struck you as interesting, which teaching method is most fun, or you’d like to apply, or which activity you’d like to hear more about. Email us at communications@aminef.or.id, and we’ll post your feedback in the following newsletter. You may win a special thank-you gift from us.


Singing Challenge

After the exciting festivities of the December semester holiday, SMK Negeri 3 Manado students are back on campus and ready to learn English! ETA Harrison Crawford could feel the renewed excitement in the air on campus as many students and teachers preemptively approached him to practice and ask about plans for the resumed meeting of.. Read More.

Active Learning

Over the last month, the English classrooms at SMAN 1 Sedayu have been filled with active learning, dialogic role-playing, and sweaty board race games. As of late, ETA Allison Gross and her co-teachers have thoroughly enjoyed opening the class with a few challenging rounds of Hangman, a game in which her students are impossibly skilled… Read More.

A Food Focused Lesson

ETA Natalie Suh’s 10th-grade students have been working hard on procedural texts this month. Students learned about the structure of procedural text, ordinal words, and present tense verbs. Her students are always excited by the topic of food, so she decided to have the students create and present their own recipes. Many students chose local.. Read More.

Sweet Lessons (Are Made of This)

ETA Molly Gleason and her co-teachers at SMK3 Pekanbaru were determined to make their lesson on active and passive voice engaging and interactive for grade 11 students. The class began with a game of Kahoot, a popular online quiz platform, to review verb tenses. The students competed against each other, answering questions and racing against.. Read More.

SMAGA’s 26th Anniversary & Storytelling Competition

It was SMAGA’s 26th Anniversary Celebration! The one week a year that all students and teachers look forward to commemorating SMAN 3 Banjarbaru (also called SMAGA). The spirits were high as there were 30 student performances ranging from flash mobs using Disney princess songs to historical roleplay using Indonesian dances. The students collaboratively choreographed their.. Read More.

Back to the Basics (Board)!

Over the last five months, ETA Lily Rhinehart has had one goal for her classes: to have fun and create a welcoming learning environment at her school. She has tried many different games and activities with her co-teachers and classes, but one that has reigned supreme is called Back to the Board, which was implemented.. Read More.

Wellness Club at SMK 4

January was a very physically active month for ETA Avery Erickson. Returning to Solo from her vacation in Bali reinvigorated and inspired her. Avery began hosting her second Community Engagement Project, a Wellness Group for the students at her school. The project aims to build mental and physical confidence in students and empower them to.. Read More.

Building Bridges – English Enrichment for Cangkringan’s Young Learners

This month, students at SMKN 1 Cangkringan had the valuable opportunity to collaborate with future generations. ETA Parker Raybourne coordinated with Cangkringan’s elementary school, SDN Percobaan 3, to facilitate English classes for students at the elementary level. This initiative aimed to provide opportunities for young learners to be exposed to English and broaden English resources.. Read More.

Nongkrong Nongkrong post WORDS

WORDS Competition was an intensive and rewarding experience for all participants. Students worked incredibly hard, practicing every day leading up to the event. They had created various stories on the theme of “Dreams,” some personal and some with an abstract meaning. Regardless, all of them were impressive and creative. On January 18, the students showcased.. Read More.

Distinguished Guests and Unleashed Dreams

Determined to craft an unforgettable experience for all participants in the local WORDS Competition, ETA Katrien Weemaes collaborated with the US Consulate Medan to orchestrate a special surprise. Deputy Principal Officer Kristy Modhorst from the Consulate graciously agreed to serve as a judge, adding a prestigious touch to the event. While student participants tirelessly prepared.. Read More.

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